Watch Lady Gaga Breathe New Life into Las Vegas with Hi-Tech Show ‘Enigma’

Lady Gaga Enigma - Photo courtesy of Henry Morales
Lady Gaga Enigma - Photo courtesy of Henry Morales


Lady Gaga may have just become the new darling of Las Vegas.

In an elaborate, animated and interactive hi-tech show, Gaga even tops her own soaring standards, taking guests on a mind-blowing journey into the future with Lady Gaga Enigma at MGM Resort. There’s no lip-synching here and intense and demanding choreography is set against the best of Gaga’s music catalogue.

Like the Enigma character she portrays in her residency at Park Theater at MGM Resort, Gaga continues to prove she has superhuman strength. She is on to her next big thing, transitioning from the multiple award-nominated feature film “A Star Is Born” into the realm of big-budget Las Vegas stage show.  

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Unlike her character, Ally, in “A Star Is Born,” in Lady Gaga Enigma, her character in Enigma is no shy newbie who has insecurities about her music. Instead, Gaga brings the audience on a remarkable trip through her past and into what’s yet to come. 

Video Courtesy of Wesley Walrus: 

Lady Gaga Soars Above the Audience

In Enigma, Gaga roars out into the crowd suspended from above, and continues to interact with her fans throughout the all-engulfing presentation. She moves from trapeze with guitar in hand to cartoon superhero to glow-in-the-dark singer-dancer to robot commander and more during the course of the elaborate performance.

Lady Gaga Enigma Tickets

And for those who prefer their Gaga with a little less tech, the queen of pop’s residency at MGM also includes a show called Jazz and Piano. The show tames the pace and shows off Gaga’s hits in a stripped down environment (Jan. 20).

Regardless of whichever style fans prefer, Enigma could breathe a new life to Las Vegas, bringing an all-ages crowd to “Sin City” and a new appreciation from the younger set. The eye-popping costumes, lighting, choreography and robotics are sure to grab the attention of all.

‘Lady Gaga Enigma’ A Fantastic Futuristic Journey

The dialogue between Gaga and an “Alien Gaga” on the screen behind her shows a devotion to her roots.

At one point in the show, Gaga wonders aloud where she is, and she gets a response from the big Alien Gaga. 

“Oh this is a simulation of the future,” the alien responds.

“I guess it looks like home a little bit but it feels so different,” Gaga says. 

“Well that’s because it is,” the alien says. “Only in the simulation will you be able to solve the mysteries of who you are and why.” 

“WTF?” Gaga demands. 

“This feels like the past too, I’ll tell you what feels the same is me and my friends, we been clocking it in New York City for a long time,” Gaga tells the audience. “Ten years ago, 12 years ago, we were rockin’ it, we had no money, we were working three jobs we had our talent.  And even though this is scary I still have my friends. Back then and even now we were beautiful.”

Lady Gaga Enigma Setlist:

“Just Dance”
“Poker Face”
“Dance in the Dark”
“Beautiful, Dirty, Rich”
“The Fame”
“Government Hooker”
“I’m Afraid of Americans” (David Bowie cover)
“The Edge of Glory”
“Million Reasons”
“You and I”
“Bad Romance”
“Born This Way”


Special thanks to CBali93, Henry Morales and Wesley Walrus for videos: