The Flaming Lips Drop Psychedelic Bing-Bowie ‘Peace On Earth’ Video

Flaming Lips Drummer Boy - Courtesy Image
Flaming Lips Drummer Boy - Courtesy Image


The Flaming Lips have released a psychedelic alternative to the Bing Crosby-David Bowie “Peace On Earth-Little Drummer Boy” video.

Yes, it’s a cover of the beloved Bing-Bowie duet of “Little Drummer Boy (Peace On Earth)” recorded in 1977, but, naturally, there’s more.

There is never a shortage of interesting clues and “I Spy”-like details to discover with the artistic creations of Wayne Coyne and the team.

In the new video there are Romans, a Santa-like figure and a Russian reference to рождество из будущего, “Christmas From the Future.” The video is a true throwback — and forward.

Check out The Flaming Lips here:

David Bowie and Bing Crosby: