Rivers Cuomo ‘Crying’ from SNL Skit About Weezer

SNL Weezer skit - Courtesy


Rivers Cuomo, the co-founder of Weezer, was just as amused as millions of viewers who saw the Matt Damon-Leslie Jones dinner party skit on SNL.

“They had a whole ass skit about Weezer and me on Saturday Night Live and I’m actually crying AAAGGGHHHHH” Cuomo Tweeted.

In the SNL skit that aired Saturday on the NBC show, a mild mannered dinner party is under way and three couples toast to the new neighbors and friendship.

That is, until Damon and Jones get into an unexpected and major Weezer argument, covering everything from interpreting Cuomo’s feelings to the appeal of Weezer music.

Watch the Weezer SNL Skit here: