Whyte Horses’ Holiday Ditty ‘Next Year Will Be Mine’ a Hip ’60s Throwback


Whyte Horses have released a positive look at what’s to come with the holiday ditty “Next Year Will Be Mine.” 

Is it a straightforward approach or a tinge on the sarcastic side?  It’s highly recommended that the listener makes their own decision.  But it’s refreshing to hear a positive take on what is coming down the road as they want.

As Whyte Horses cheerily advise, “Let in the sunlight, the blue skies they will appear.”

‘Coldest Night of the Year’

“Next Year Will Be Mine” is a double-A sided single that shares the space with “Coldest Night of the Year.” 

“Coldest Night of the Year” is a demure and dreamy take on love and longing in a holiday setting.