Review: Lucinda Belle Revives 1960s Vibe with Single ‘I’ll Be Loving You’

Lucinda Belle - Courtesy Photo
Lucinda Belle - Courtesy Photo


Lucinda Belle has belted out a home run with her new song “I’ll Be Loving You.” 

This fabulous performer and songwriter is putting forth her best effort in bringing back a 1960s big band style on a small-band stage.

Belle is paving her own way. Like Rachael Price leading Lake Street Dive, Belle’s voice is a showstopper and she can go toe-to-toe with any of the big pop stars. Imagine a coy blend of Cyndi Lauper and Amy Winehouse, with some sassiness included.


Lucinda Belle’s Songwriting Gets an A+

Her songwriting is equally strong as this is only one from among several great songs Belle has written. She received an Academy Award nomination for her song “Going Nowhere,” which was in the Johnny Depp picture “For No Good Reason.” She received a solo credit, no less.

This vintage pop style of music with a female lead vocal is making a big comeback. Every few years we’ll get a good dose. In the late 1970s, Bette Midler achieved popularity among the young set with her cover  hit “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.”  Like that first revival of that big band Andrews Sisters-style bee bop from the 1940s, Belle is leading a ’60s revival.


Belle Taking the Bee Bop Sound into the New Millennium

Belle is taking that sound and bringing it into the modern day. Somehow, the harp always conjures up feelings of ancient times. But there is no waltzing in the castle stuff here. Belle and her colleagues put the bee bop in the bee’s knees.

Powerful Talent with a Pretty Face

Belle’s voice is great, of course. She is interesting because she has a vulnerable “girl-next-door” quality that belies a powerful talent. Is the harpist considered the “librarian” of musicians?  Well you can scrap that idea when Lucinda Belle takes the stage.

Lucinda Belle’s live performance at The Ace Hotel:  


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