Lost Glen Campbell Collection of Elvis Songs, ‘Sings for the King’ Drops Nov. 16


The late, great songwriter and singer Glen Campbell will be heard again, on a new album Sings for the King, a collection of songs recorded for Elvis Presley, to be released Nov. 16.

The original demo recordings of the songs were recently discovered in a storage unit by the family of the songwriter Ben Weisman. Campbell, who sang the songs for a demo, died last year at the age of 81 from complications related to Alzheimer’s disease. 

From among the 18 songs on the new album, Elvis recorded 12, including “Easy Come, Easy Go,” “Spinout” and “Stay Away Joe.”

Listen to “Easy Come, Easy Go” here:

The collection is comprised of songs mainly written by the songwriting team of Weisman and Sid Wayne.

Weisman and Wayne turned to Campbell who had perfect pitch and an uncanny ability to match Elvis’s key and even mimic his delivery, to record fully fleshed out studio versions that they could present to Elvis for his recording consideration.

Campbell and Elvis met in the mid-1950s during Campbell’s time in Albuquerque. Then when Campbell joined the Wrecking Crew, he played on many sessions including one for Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas music.  

Check out Elvis on ‘Stay Away’ here:


Songwriter Weisman is significant for having written the most songs recorded by Elvis than any other songwriter in history at 57. 

Check out ‘Clambake’ by Elvis: 


The songs were discovered by executive producer Stephen Auerbach who found the 50-year-old recordings on long-forgotten reel-to-reel tapes in a storage space belonging to his uncle-in-law, Ben Weisman.

Sings for the King will be released Nov. 16 via Capitol-UMe.

Sings for the King Track Listing:

  1. “We Call On Him” (Duet With Elvis Presley)
  2. “Easy Come, Easy Go”
  3.  “Any Old Time”
  4. “Anyone Can Play”
  5. “I Got Love”
  6. “I’ll Never Know”
  7. “All I Needed Was the Rain”
  8. “How Can You Lose What You Never Had”
  9. “Spinout”
  10. “Magic Fire”
  11. “I’ll Be Back”
  12. “Love On The Rocks
  13. “Stay Away, Joe”
  14. “Cross My Heart and Hope to Die”
  15. “Clambake”
  16. “There Is So Much World to See”
  17. “Do the Clam”
  18. “Restless”

Check out Elvis with ‘Spin Out’ here”