PHOTOS: MC50 Plays ‘Kick Out the Jams’ at Ford Theaters Oct. 5

MC50 played NYC last week and LA on Oct. 5 - All photos © 2018 Tracy Ketcher


Detroit rock band MC5 celebrates the 50th anniversary of the recording of their landmark album Kick Out the Jams with a concert at the Ford Theatres on Oct. 5.  All the proceeds will benefit the charity Jail Guitar Doors.

The famous Wayne Kramer and musicians will perform the entire Kick Out The Jams album as MC50. MC50 features Kramer, the founder of MC5, on guitar and vocals, Kim Thayil of Soundgarden on guitar, Brendan Canty of Fugazi on drums, Billy Gould of Faith No More on bass, Marcus Durant of Zen Guerrilla on vocals, and other special guests.

In honor of the event, we put together a photo gallery of photographer Tracy Ketcher’s stellar pics from the MC50’s Irving Plaza New York show last week.

Check out her website here.

MC50 in NYC - Photo © 2018 Tracy Ketcher for California Rocker
MC50 in NYC – Photo © 2018 Tracy Ketcher for California Rocker

In addition to the full Kick Out The Jams album, the MC50 will also perform song selections from MC5’s additional two albums Back in the USA and High Time.

The bands Starcrawler and Jason Heath and The Greedy Souls open.

See some remastered MC5 video here courtesy of Wayne Kramer himself:

MC50, Wayne Kramer, Jason Heath and JGD

And while the name of his band may indicate otherwise, Jason Heath’s soul certainly isn’t greedy. The leader of Jason Heath and The Greedy Souls works with Kramer and the crew for the charity Jail Guitar Doors. JGD brings music instruction and musical instruments to incarcerated people across the United States.

Read more about Jail Guitar Doors here. 

Wayne Kramer with Burrell Kelly – Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

Tickets to The MC50 at The Ford Theatres

For tickets go to the Ford Theatres website.

MC50 performs Sept. 17 in NYC - All photos © 2018 Tracy Ketcher
MC50 performs Sept. 17, 2018 at Irving Plaza in NYC – All photos © 2018 Tracy Ketcher


Video courtesy of Patrick Landry: