New Video: Noga Erez Shows Womens’ Fight and Plight


Noga Erez has released an unsettling new video to accompany her latest single, “Cash Out.”

The video co-stars Philadelphia rapper Sammus, who performs guest vocals on the song. The video was conceived by Erez and Ori Rousso, Erez’ collaborative partner, and was directed by Hen Makhluf. The video underscores the pressures put upon women today through consumerism.

‘Cash Out’ Shows an Alternative World

“In the ‘Cash Out’ video we tell a story about a society of women left in a world without men,” Erez said.”Specifically, focusing on a group who arrange street fighting meet-ups – fights for the mere joy and rush of adrenaline. In that female-only world we imagine the behaviour of the women and how much of the societal female characteristics remain and what’s lost.”

The songs “Cash Out” and “Bad Habits” represent a shift in style for the Tel-Aviv based producer and performer. Erez moves away from the more song-based tracks on her 2017 debut album Off The Radar.

The lyrics describe the struggle in a nutshell: “Keep your head low / Keep your weight low / Slow walk up a hill / Tip toe tip toe / Dream it till it’s yours / Don’t dream too high though / Ceiling hits your head / Your billing’s always low.”