The Mysterious Sluka Enjoys a Great Music Career In Low-Key Style


He’s not a exactly a household name, but Christopher Sluka is a prolific musician who flies under the radar. After 11 albums, his low-key approach might be surprising, because Sluka’s music is intricate and compelling, and always has a message.

But this David Bowie-esque performer and songwriter has found international success. He’s not alone, after all there are lot of excellent American musicians who have made it overseas. The U.S. is a hard market to crack. And, in this day and age when there are so many musicians and no barrier to entry, the music business has become the Wild Wild West.


Sluka: San Diego and Around The World

With a diverse collection of music, San Diego-based Sluka is performing and touring just about everywhere these days, and he contributes in a big way to the good of the business.¬†When he first started, Sluka played the New York Club scene, with artists such as INXS, Tears For Fears, Talk Talk and Simple Minds.¬†Today, as they say, he’s “Big in Japan,” where he found a loving audience. He released two albums there.

Check out the video for “Virga” here:

Sluka Builds Impressive Music Catalogue

Sluka’s work includes Emotional Battlefield, Fear of Ordinary Life, A Matter of Perception, Solo Flight and, more recently, Introversions.

While keeping with his creative songwriting process, Sluka has developed a worldwide following and has built a fan base that loves his amazing performances.

Watch the video for “Number One,” from the album Colorful Radiation: