Movie Tough Guy and Jazz Vocalist Robert Davi Teams with Georgós Greek Wine


Legendary movie bad guy and jazz vocalist Robert Davi has teamed with Georgós Greek Wine for a promotional partnership.

Davi has appeared in more than 130 films including, The Goonies, James Bond: License to Kill, Die Hard and the soon to be released film, Reagan, in addition to the TV show Paper Empire.

With Georgós Greek Wine he will be the company’s brand ambassador.

Robert Davi: From tough guy to Sinatra vocalist - Courtesy photo
Robert Davi: From tough guy to Sinatra vocalist – Courtesy photo

Robert Davi Touring in ‘Davi Sings Sinatra’

The actor and singer is touring in “Davi Sings Sinatra,” where he performs notable tunes from the famous crooner. He has also just released the documentary, “Davi’s Way,” that explores the challenges and thrills of singing Sinatra’s songs.

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Davi has performed at The Venetian, The Orleans and Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, headlined the Friars Club’s 90th Anniversary Tribute to Tony Bennett with Robert De Niro and Scarlett Johansson, and recently performed at the United Nations to celebrate its 70th Anniversary. Davi acted and performed in the Frank Sinatra 100th Birthday Special on PBS—most fitting since Sinatra’s work has been foundational in Davi’s own life and career.

Georgós Greek Wine founder Georgos Zanganas said he was thrilled to work with an actor and singer of Davi’s stature.

Davi and Georgós Greek Wine formed a partnership after Davi purchased a bottle of wine at Whole Foods Market in San Francisco. The bottle happened to be Georgós’ “Santorini” wine. Davi tasted the white varietal and says he fell in love instantly calling it, “one of the smoothest damn wines I’ve ever had.”

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He then dove into the reds and was inspired to connect with Georgós.

Georgos Zanganas and Robert Davi - Courtesy photo
Georgos Zanganas and Robert Davi – Courtesy photo

Davi will work with the Georgós team as its brand ambassador to broaden its reach by spreading the wine’s unique story and to help create more great tasting wines.

“In my family, wine was as necessary a drink as water. I helped my grandfather make his homemade wine at our family home on Long Island, and have been searching for an opportunity to once again become intimate with the process,” Davi said.