Yoko Ono Releases New Single ‘Hell In Paradise’ off Album ‘Warzone’


Yoko Ono has released the single “Hell In Paradise” off her upcoming record, Warzone.

Never one to mince words, Ono sings of the challenges our world faces today on “Hell In Paradise” and the other 12 songs on the record. Warzone is comprised of a selection of her songs from 1970-2009 which have been reimagined and remastered.

“The world is so messed up,” Ono said. “Things are very difficult for everybody. It’s a warzone that we are living in…” says Ono. “I like to create things in a new way. Every day things change.”


Ono’s Voice Takes Center Stage

Ono’s voice takes center stage on the new album and the arrangements are stripped down to highlight the talents of the wife of the late John Lennon. The songs in the collection cover Ono’s beliefs and life stories and range from warning to uplifting the listener and some are accompanied by videos. Ono has amassed a catalogue of more than 20 albums in her 50 years of making music.

Watch the video for “Warzone” here:

Warzone in Stores Oct. 19 on Son’s Label

Warzone will be in stores on Oct. 19 on Chimera Music, Sean Ono Lennon’s label.  Leading up to the release date, the 85-year-old Ono will release a new song each Tuesday on her website ImaginePeace.com and on streaming services.

Yoko Ono - Photo by Matthew Placek
Yoko Ono – Photo by Matthew Placek


Side 1

1 Warzone
2 Hell In Paradise
3 Now Or Never
4 Where Do We Go From Here
5 Woman Power
6 It’s Gonna Rain

Side 2

7 Why
8 Children Power
9 I Love All of Me
10 Teddy Bear
11 I’m Alive
12 I Love You Earth
13 Imagine