Top Musicians Join Chip Kinman on New Recording of The Dils’ ‘It’s Not Worth It’


Chip Kinman is heading to Vancouver to record The Dils 1979 song “It’s Not Worth It,” with original drummer William Chobotar and Mary Celeste from the Canadian punk band the Modernettes.

The legendary Bob Rock, who produced the original version of the song, returns to helm the project. “It’s Not Worth It,” is off the Dils’ 1979 EP Made in Canada. 

The recording will be the flip side of a Mack MacKenzie recording of “Lucky Day,” the RAF song. Mack is backed up by Kinman’s band, Ford Madox Ford, on “Lucky Day.” MacKenzie is a well-known Canadian musician who has a vast catalog.

Tony Kinman and Mack MacKenzie - Photo courtesy of Chip Kinman
Tony Kinman and Mack MacKenzie – Photo courtesy of Chip Kinman

It’s a Canadian-American Reunion

It’s a reunion of sorts for the musicians who have all jammed together in the past. Kinman asked Chobotar (Zippy Pinhead) and Celeste to join the recording session and they were enthusiastic about the new recording.

The project was produced by Tony Kinman, as the last thing he did before his passing a few months ago.

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“Mack asked me if I had an idea for his single and I said ‘Sure!,'” Kinman said. Kinman then suggested heading to Vancouver to record a ‘Canadian’ punk rock classic.

“I asked Bob Rock to produce the record,” Kinman said. “He called back and he was very gracious, his exact words were ‘I’m in!'”


Chip Kinman Joined by Bob Rock, Mack MacKenzie

Rock is the world-famous record producer known for his work with Metallica, Motley Crue, Michael Buble and other others.

It’s a trip back in time for Kinman as Tony and Chip always found a good audience in Canada.

“I haven’t recorded in Canada since 1979,” Kinman said. “And of course, if you are going to record with Canadians you gotta go where there are Canadians … and that’s Canada!”

All proceeds from sales of the record go to Kristie White, Tony Kinman’s widow.

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