Billy Bob Thornton and Boxmasters Kick Off Tour at The Mint


Billy Bob Thornton is realizing his dreams.

Thornton and The Boxmasters kicked off their summer-long tour at The Mint in Los Angeles to thunderous applause.

“I came to Los Angeles to be a singer, originally,” the Arkansas-born Thornton told backstage after the show. “But instead, I became an actor, so this is a lot of fun for us.”

While the acting has brought Thornton Oscar glory, Golden Globes, and multiple additional wins and nominations, the music brings joy — to him, and his fans.

The Boxmasters Music

The setlist for the Boxmasters is varied with some great original tunes and some fun covers from bands like Devo and others. The guys are dressed up like old school mechanics but the sound puts a modern twist on the classics. Thornton has a great voice and the musicians in the band are top notch.

The opening band, Ryan Hahn and The Believers did a nice job warming up the room and promoted their new album, Farmers Son.

Thornton, who these days stars in the hit show Goliath, said his music is inspired by days of his youth, listening to bands like The Yardleys, who are also from Malvern, Ark., and typical life stuff.

‘Summertime in LA,’ ‘Just Me Shakin”

Standout songs on the setlist are the paranoia-inducing “Watching The Radio,” and the upbeat surf-style song “Summertime in LA.” Thornton said his song ‘Just Me Shakin,’ he wrote while reminiscing about the best girl in school bringing him out to the dance floor and he was too nervous to dance with her. She danced around him, he said.

The Boxmasters are in Solana Beach at The Belly Up Monday, Tucson on Tuesday, Roswell, N.M., on Wednesday, and then on it’s on to Texas and beyond. The Boxmasters’ latest album is called The Boxmasters In Stereo!

Check out The Boxmasters website for more information.

Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton and friends backstage