VIDEO: Backstreet Boys Play ‘I Want It That Way’ With Toys on ‘Tonight Show’


The Backstreet Boys joined Jimmy Fallon and The Roots to perform a hilarious rendition of “I Want It That Way” with classroom instruments on Thursday’s Tonight Show.

The ultra-popular boy band went into the dressing room reserved for hotshot musicians who like to kick it down a notch and took their 1999 hit to national TV.  They performed with The Roots, harmonizing and using plastic and wooden instruments as well as the triangle, tambourine, the ukelele and shakers.

Check out the video here:

Other Classroom Instrument Superstars

The Backstreet Boys are far from the first famous band to appear on the Tonight Show for the classroom toy performance. The recurring gig has attracted some of the tops in the pop and rock music world who have reimagined their songs with youthful acappella percussion arrangements.

Check out Adele performing “Hello” in 2015:

James Hetfield and the Metallica crew joined The Roots for “Enter Sandman” in 2016: