Death Grips Shares Two More Songs Off ‘Year of the Snitch’

Death Grips - Photo courtesy Mcbcharles
Death Grips - Photo courtesy Mcbcharles


Death Grips shared two more new songs off their upcoming album, Year of the Snitch.

The first song is “Shitshow,” the video for which was pulled off YouTube for “sexually provocative content.” The video can be seen here via Vimeo.

Most likely, the offensive content is comprised of a few frames’ worth of a squatting man relieving himself.


“Dilemma,” features an intro from New Zealand director Andrew Adamson (“Shrek”). In the video, Adamson reports quietly that he’s at Sunset Sound studio with the band.

In the video, you can see the exterior of the well-known Hollywood studio.


With “Shitshow,” the noise-hip-hop band comprised of Zach Hill, Stefan Burnett (MC Ride) and Andy Morin return to form. The video was pulled off YouTube Wednesday for violating the platform’s sexual content rules.

The song starts off with some erratic drum beats and electronic sounding vocals. The song almost immediately shifts gear into a wild spoken frenzy as MC Ride spits fast-paced words. There’s an unknown woman gracefully repeating the feminine sounding mantra, “It’s a shit show.”

For those who don’t want to look at the “provocative” video, here’s the lyric version:


Other songs released so far from Year Of The Snitch are “Black Paint,” “Flies,” “Hahaha,” and “Streaky.” The record is released through the band’s Third Worlds and Harvest Records.

Death Grips - Photo by John Goodridge
Death Grips – Photo by John Goodridge

Death Grips supposedly recorded their first song “Full Moon (Death Classic)  the first day they ever got together as a group. The song was released in March 2011, with the four other tracks on the EP “Full Moon.”

The group is known for outstanding live shows. Death Grips will be playing a set at Desert Daze this year.