Keith Richards: Rolling Stones Hit ‘Satisfaction’ Could Have Been Different

Keith Richards finds New things in Satisfaction
Keith Richards: 'Satisfaction Could Have been Different'


Keith Richards says he’s still discovering new ways to make the old Rolling Stones songs interesting.

“Every time I play ‘Satisfaction,’ I find a new little thing going on (inaudible) ‘I should have done that on the record’ and it happens with a lot of other songs,” he said.

His comments come on his mini-YouTube show, Ask Keith Richards.


“Even though they’re old songs they’re still growing in a way,” Richards said. “After a song gets written and it’s recorded and it’s probably, how many other takes it took to make that record it’s about as many times as it’s been played.”

Keith Richards on Ask Keith

Keith Richards Keeps It ‘Fresh’

He said: “It’s only when you get them on the stage on the road for many years that you start to find other parts in there and how to, not to change it, but to bring it alive. It’s what makes it fresh, for me anyways. I still don’t know how to play them properly. I’m still figuring it out.”

Keith Richards is on tour with The Rolling Stones - Photo courtesy Keith Richards
Keith Richards is on tour with The Rolling Stones – Photo courtesy Keith Richards

Rolling Stones Tour and New Limited-Edition Set

Keef and The Rolling Stones are on tour in Europe. They play Cardiff Friday, Twickenham on June 19, Berlin on June 22 and Marseille, France on June 26.

The Rolling Stones release a new limited-edition box set Friday. The Rolling Stones Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2016, contains special 180-gram vinyl pressings of every Rolling Stones studio album from 1971’s Sticky Fingers through 2016’s Blue & Lonesome.

For more information go to The Rolling Stones website.

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