Anthony Bourdain Was a Rock Star to the Real Rock Stars

Anthony Bourdain at SXSW - Photo by Anna Hanks
Anthony Bourdain at SXSW - Photo by Anna Hanks


Globe-hopping TV celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain was a rock star in the culinary world and often brought music friends and idols along on his great ride.

CNN will air “Remembering Anthony Bourdain” tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

Bourdain was found dead in his Strasbourg, France, hotel room Friday morning. He was 61. Bourdain had been in France filming an episode of his show “Parts Unknown.”

From the Streets to Kitchens Around the World

Bourdain lived a life that few could imagine, rising from the kitchens of New York City and a life admittedly plagued with bad choices, to author and subsequent TV celebrity. He put the term “celebrity chef” on the map with his 2000 hit memoir Kitchen Confidential: Adventures In the Culinary Underbelly.

Bourdain went on to host several TV shows that highlighted his sarcastic and edgy personality including A Cook’s Tour,No Reservations and Parts Unknown.

Bourdain Made Musical Friends Along the Way

He counted among his pals Iggy Pop, David Johansen and Josh Homme and hosted a slew of rock’s elite on his shows. When in the high desert he worked with Homme, when in Queens, New York, he featured David Johansen, and when in Miami he dined with Iggy Pop, to name a few.

Josh Homme on ‘No Reservations’

Homme was on No Reservations twice. One episode opens with Homme playing the slow folk song “I Gave My Love a Cherry,” and in the same fashion as John Belushi from “Animal House,” Bourdain grabs Homme’s guitar and smashes it to bits.

Homme Pays Tribute

On his Rancho de la Luna Twitter account, Homme expressed his surprise at the death of Bourdain and recalled the favorite episode.

Hitting Staten Island with David Johansen

In New York in 2009 Bourdain visited with David Johansen in an episode where the two explore the fine cuisine of The Big Apple, most notably Johansen’s turf of Staten Island.

David Johansen and Anthony Bourdain on 'No Reservations' - Image courtesy CNN
David Johansen and Anthony Bourdain on ‘No Reservations’ – Image courtesy CNN

Dining With Iggy Pop in Miami

There was Miami and Bourdain’s long-anticipated meeting with one of his music idols, Iggy Pop. Bourdain used Pop’s song “The Passenger” for promotions after Pop appeared on a Miami episode.

“I’m in shock having just heard that Anthony Bourdain has passed away,” Pop wrote on social media Friday. “I loved the guy, and he was a light of kindness and good vibes in my life.”

 – Alyson Camus contributed to this report