Father John Misty: ‘End of World’ Songs a Result of his Christian Upbringing


Josh Tillman, AKA Father John Misty takes a claymation adventure in the new video for his song, “Please Don’t Die” off the new album God’s Favorite Customer, due tomorrow.

In the video directed by Chris Hopewell and produced by Rosie Lea, Tillman sees the future and it’s not pretty.  A gondoliering grim reaper, dancing skeletons and an ominous headstone await the depressed, Tillman, whose clay self, as in real life. sports his trademark glasses and scarf.

Tillman Listened to Christian Pop During Childhood

On a recent edition of the Norwegian-Swedish show, Skavlan!, Tillman said nine out of 10 of his songs are about the end of the world, probably because he grew up on Christian pop.

Tillman on Fame

Skavlan asked Tillman his standard question: “How do you deal with fame?”

“You have to bear in mind the level of fame I have you could drown in the sink with little to no effort,” joked Tillman. “When it comes to fame, the thing that people love about you in all liklihood doesn’t actually exist. It’s kind of a realization that people deal with in different ways. If someone is self aware enough to realize that or they’re prone to depression or sensitive it could be a deadly realization.”