VIDEO: Iggy Pop and Underworld Fly Not So Friendly Skies on ‘Bells and Circles’


Iggy Pop has teamed with UK duo Underworld on an eerie new track called “Bells and Circles,” an electronic ode to the old days of flying the friendly skies.

Pop, who plays Cal Jam 18 in San Bernardino in October, goes retro with the renowned 1980s British dance masters, known for “Born Slippy,” which along with Iggy’s “Lust for Life” found an audience off  the “Trainspotting” soundtrack.

The dramatic song, sprung on an unsuspecting audience during Memorial Day Weekend, features a compelling drum beat and a building and hypnotic bass-keys combo, with stream-of-consciousness lyrics that indicate Iggy seems to sorely miss more than just one aspect of the old days of air travel.

The tune could be called “Smoking on the Airplane,” but there’s something looming larger with this Iggy spoken word project. “Bells and Circles” is similar to his 2008 work with Fatboy Slim (The Brighton Port Authority) on their renowned Monochrome Set video cover of “He’s Frank,”a festival favorite.

Check out the track here:


Iggy: ‘You Can’t Do That’

“I remember smoking on the airplane,” Iggy spits. “I used to love to smoke on the airplane. Those were the golden days of air travel. They would just open the door at the airport and you’d walk out on the tarmac and up those stairs and light a big cigarette and stick it in the ash tray then the stewardess would come along and if she was hot you could try to pick her up…”

Iggy to Headline Cal Jam 2018 in San Bernardino

While the lyrics may seem odd, Iggy has captured a feeling many of those in the over-40 crowd feel: The world has changed in many aspects and it’s not all good.

When we’re continually told “You can’t do that” as Iggy repeats in the tune, not being able to smoke on the airplanes is the least of our problems.

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