Charming Liars Are Half Right, Truth Was in Music at Bootleg Show

Charming Liars - Photo © 2018 Harriet Kaplan

Review and Photos By HARRIET KAPLAN

The Bootleg Theater was the scene of the latest KROQ Locals Only Show featuring the British alt rockers based in Los Angeles, Charming Liars.

Performing a quick, 40-minute set that was high energy, enthusiastic and infectious, the band, which includes Kiliyan Maguire on vocals, Karnig Manoukian on guitar and Mike Kruger on bass, played an accessible and commercial set of music from two of their EPs along with new material that has catchy hooks and choruses that had it fans happily singing along.


Charming Liars have been compared to Bush, with its post-grunge sound, U2-ish anthemic hard rock and in the 80s new wave territory of Depeche Mode, but at heart their sound, is pretty much standard melodic hard rock. The band isn’t breaking new ground or territory, but they are earnest, likable and entertaining live.

Charming Liars 2 - Photo © 2018 Harriet Kaplan
Charming Liars – Photo © 2018 Harriet Kaplan

Charming Liars ‘Straight Ahead Playing’

They have a very good-looking and charismatic frontman in the brown-locked Kiliyan Maguire who’s an impressive vocalist with a broad and diverse range.  Performance wise, The Charming Liars aim to please and the stage show was live was never static or boring and poses were kept to a minimum with a solid focus on straight-ahead playing. “Soul” and their new single “Like a Drug” were among the highlights of nine-song set.


Charming Liars Touring

Having toured extensively, Charming Liars have played across the U.S., South America, Mexico, the U.K. And Brazil. Charming Liars is definitely seasoned and professional with all the shows they have performed at and they also have developed a big following as a result.

The KROQ Locals Only Show is yet another stop along the way and one their fans wouldn’t forget having gotten the privilege of seeing them play in a smaller, more up-close and intimate setting. There’s something else for their followers to look forward to as well: The Charming Liars are working in a full length album due for release on a June 22 with summer tour dates to follow.