Jack White To Questlove: ‘Dumpster Diving Turned Me on to The Stooges’


Jack White says he discovered The Stooges and punk rock from going dumpster diving in the alleys of Detroit.

On Questlove’s Pandora podcast, “Questlove Supreme,” White tells the late night percussionist what motivated him to get into punk rock.

“…There was a funny moment people think I’m making it up,” recalled White. “In Detroit in the alleys we had these giant dumpsters, they were trying to kill the rat problem so they got rid of garbage cans and put giant dumpsters up.


‘I Found The Stooges First Album’

White said: “So one of my favorite things to do was on the way home from school walk down through the  the alleys and flip the top of each dumpster and see what was in there,” he said.

“Dumpster diving and trash picking. And I found the Stooges first album on vinyl in one of those dumpsters and that really changed my life. I recorded ‘I Want To Be Your Dog’ on four track because of that and it led me to punk rock in a bigger way.”

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