VIDEO: Keith Richards on Working with Mick and Meeting the Aliens

Keith Richards
Image courtesy of "Ask Keith Richards"


In a series of recent video interviews, Keith Richards said he and Mick Jagger don’t plan their writing, he likes the piano because he can sit, and he “can’t wait” to meet the aliens.

In the YouTube collection called “Ask Keith Richards,” the indestructable rock and roll icon tells his audience some of his deepest thoughts.

What’s the Difference Between Writing on Piano vs. Guitar?

In his most recent video, he answers the question “What is the difference between writing on piano vs. guitar?”

“You sit down and you don’t have to carry it,” Richards said. “It’s difficult to put into words. A piano is laid out more logically, to me anyway, than a guitar. I think to me the difference is, changing over to a different instrument from the one you’re used to playing all the time, it gives you a different feel and different take on things. I’d love to be able to play more instruments, that’s as far as I’ve got, apart from bass.”

What is the Secret to Your Partnership?

In another video, he answers the question “What is the secret to your partnership with Mick Jagger?”

“The secret is that we neither of us know what we’re gonna do until we put ourselves together and then just see what happens.” Richards said.  “It’s one of those things with the Stones collectively.



“It’s a chemical thing.  I can walk in and say ‘I hope Mick’s got a song because I haven’t got a thing.’ Probably vice versa,” he said. “When we get together we come up with something else anyway. It was a great week last week we did 10-12 different things that didn’t exist until that moment.”

What’s you favorite memory of playing with Mick Taylor?

In another video he’s asked about Mick Taylor.

“Mick Taylor opened up some beautiful possibilities, especially in recording because I would just lay down three or four different rythm guitars,” Richards said. “Mick was very much a solo player … Incredible melodic sensitivity about his playing. Most of those early Stones records, the big ones, there’s probably six, seven, eight guitars sometimes on those tracks, but you wouldn’t know it.

“When I play guitar I want to play with another guy and if he’s providing the other side of the coin, so to speak, if I’m laying down the rythm, then the compliments that come from the other guitar can then be woven into the rythm  guitar.”

Richards on Meeting the Aliens

But perhaps the funniest interview in his series is on meeting outer space buddies.

“I can’t wait,” he said. “I can’t wait to meet ’em, I know they’re there. (indistinguishable) So what?  Let’s hope they’re there, we need some help. Who knows, I love the wonderment of it. I love the possibility of it. … (indistinguishable) Let’s hope they are. I can’t wait. Beam me up Scotty.”