Review: Evan and The Live Oaks Update Blues Rock for Today with ‘Hyde Street’


The soulful Americana band Evan and The Live Oaks has released a new 3-song EP called Hyde Street and the trilogy of cool blues tunes leaves us wanting more from this dynamic band.

Hyde Street is a beautifully crafted and fun little appetizer record that’s a surefire winner and a great addition to the collection of any lover of 1970s blues-rock.

With a cool throwback sound similar to that of Allman Brothers in their heyday or a mellow Marshall Tucker, Evan and The Live Oaks nail it.  It’s good to see this band taking the tried-and-true sound of the ’70s and spin it forward.  The production on the album is great, and the musicians back up vocalist-drummer Evan Lanam in high style.

Hyde Street is Sizzling Blues Rock

The first song, “On The Otherside,” boasts killer melody and cool lyrics, but it’s the fun sound of organ and fuzzy guitar that make this a touching tune.

The second song, “Home,” opens with a building harmony, then takes off into an upbeat feel-good song that makes the listener feel they’re on a cross-country tour.  Complete with great story-telling vocals, strong horn section, bluesy guitar, piano and fun fuzzy lead guitar this is a song for the ages. At the pace this song travels, it’s just like Evan sings, “…ain’t got no time to sleep.”

The final song on the trilogy, “Maybe Later,” is more of a traditional blues tune infused with horns, with some tasty slide guitar and tinkling classic piano. And as much as Evan may sing about being down it’s hard to believe that anyone with a voice like this can ever be down.

Evan and The Live Oaks

“This album and its purpose touches on the hardships artists and people of diversity face not only in the San Francisco Bay Area but around the world,” Evan says. “The struggle is real, and we need the arts to bring us back together.”

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Evan and The Live Oaks at Love Song Bar

Evan and the Live Oaks have been touring relentlessly and the way they sound it’s no surprise they’re in demand. They play the West Coast, they’ve played SXSW, they’ve done a few tours with Tommy Alexander and have opened for a range of Bay-Area bands. They’ll be playing a gig at The Love Song Bar in downtown Los Angeles on April 25 supporting Tommy Alexander.

Release Info

Artist Name: Evan & the Live Oaks

Location: Oakland, CA

Release Name: Hyde Street E.P.

Release Date: Jan 01, 2018

Label: Independent

Producer: Pamela Parker, Eric Drew Feldman (Frank Black)

Track List:

1. On the Otherside

2. Home

3. Maybe Later

Musicians on the record: 

John Dering – Bass

Billy Pillsbury – Drums

Evan Lanam – Drums/Vocals/Guitar

Russel Bourne – Lead Guitar

Jordan Feinstein – Keys