Review: Drums Take Center Stage with Jody Giachello’s Millennial Kingdom Vol 2


Jody Giachello leads a double life. He’s known as Jody Giachello to regular mortals by day, but in his music world he goes by the moniker 4D.

He blends time and space on the album Millennial Kingdom Vol 2. This innovative work that features avant-garde drumming is hard to grasp — and isn’t that what the fourth dimension is all about?  Humans can’t see or experience the fourth dimension, according to the late scientist Carl Sagan, so maybe Giachello’s musical depiction of 4D is accurate in that regard.

Giachello And The Futuristic Take on Music

Giachello is not a physicist, but he’s got a futuristic take on his craft. He’s a drummer and producer not from some abstract place, but instead, he’s from very real Long Beach, Calif.  

Giachello has a great gig, working with top acts like HAIM and travelling the world going to festivals. The drumming is incredible and Millennial Kingdom Vol 2 highlights every bit of his talent.

Giachello: ‘Last Call to Mankind’

“This is the last call to mankind,” Giachello said. “…Of a multidimensional war and ancient prophecies that are manifesting into reality. The final battle of light vs. darkness. The end of an era and the beginning of a new age known as, the Millennial Kingdom.”

His beliefs are reflected in the elusive music. It’s dark with hints of light.  Sometimes it’s upbeat and other times it keeps an even pace as if being aware that at any moment something drastic might happen.

Giachello grew up on the blues. His dad taught him to play drums at 2 years old, and ever since then he knew music would be his lifelong passion.

“I auditioned to play drums for the band HAIM back in February, and after a second call back, I got the gig,” he recalled. “I started rehearsing for them on March third,  coincidently the day I released Millennial Kingdom Vol. 1.”

Impressive Credits

Since then, he’s played on SNL, The Ellen Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Graham Norton, Jools Holland, and BBC Radio 1.

Giachello is a Berklee College of Music Alum and he worked with Afro-Cuban and Brazilian jazz drummer Francisco Mela.  He was involved with legendary jazz trombonist Hal Crook’s ensemble for several semesters. He’s played The Rose Bowl, toured with Concord Records jazz prodigy Taylor Eigsti, and played with the house band for Last Call with Carson Daly.

He has real-life experience that has fed his profound feel for a sense of the other worldly. And his music takes the listener to places that are hard to describe.

“While we cannot imagine the world of four dimensions we can think about it perfectly well,” Sagan says. And, much in the same manner, Giachello gives us a similar gift with Millenial Kingdom Vol 2. 



Release Name: Millennial Kingdom Vol. 2

Track List:

7. Super Nova

8. Centrifuge

9. Har Megiddo (Armageddon)

10. Oblivion

11. Triumph (Return Of The King)

12. Revelation (Millennial Kingdom)


Jody Giachello AKA Fourth Dimension (4D): Drums, Keys, recorded, mixed, produced.

Dustin Moore AKA Neon Phoenix: Bass, Keys, Moog.

Justin Panariello: Bass

Christian Wunderlich: Guitar

Andy Meixner: Guitar

Steve White: Trumpet