The Dollyrots Play Los Angeles and Fullerton on Rah Rah Radical Tour

Adorable pop punk rockers, The Dollyrots play Phoenix, Los Angeles and Fullerton dates on their Rah Rah Radical tour.

The Dollyrots, Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas, who regularly hit the road with all their gear, their pets and two kids in tow, have released a revealing new video. Could it be that life in the family lane is not always so easy?  Check it their promo video here:


The Dollyrots Play – With Baby Dollyrots

Ogden and Cabezas have a few new releases. In addition to son, River, they now tour with their baby daughter, Daisy.  Musically, they’ve released a new 7-inch, multi-colored vinyl single, “Get Radical” that has the Rancid cover “Ruby Soho” on the B-side. Their sixth album, Whiplash Splash is out now.


Dollyrots: DIY Punk Pop Style

The dynamic duo has always been known as a DIY-style punk rock act, keeping overhead low and expenses to a minimum by doing most of their promotions and music on their own. And with the way things are going they may end up recruiting the kids into the music business.

Dollyrots Play

Regional Dollyrots Tour Dates

The Dollyrots play the Rebel Lounge in Phoenix on March 21, they play The Hi Hat in Los Angeles on March 23 and the Slidebar in Fullerton on March 24.

They’re no babes in the woods when it comes to the rock and roll life. The Dollyrots formed 15 years ago and Whiplash Splash marks their sixth studio album. They’ve toured the world and have done it independently and on their own terms.


“We only had three months to write, record, and finish the album between the launch of our PledgeMusic campaign and the birth of our daughter,” Cabezas said. “Parenthood doesn’t afford us the time to overthink things anymore. We tracked everything at home and went with our first instincts when it came to the music and lyrics.”

Check out more Dollyrots here: