VIDEO: Ty Segall Goes Wild With Doors, Disco Karaoke for Valentine’s Charity

ty segall


It was a night of firsts at the Teragram Ballroom as Nick Waterhouse, Best Coast, and King Tuff did cover songs to benefit Panache’s Planned Parenthood Valentine’s Day fundraiser.

But no one – not even comedian Neil Hamburger – brought the packed house to tears of laughter as did the master of the wild and woolly, Ty Segall. Segall’s crazy, malfunction-laden karaoke show had the fans doubled over in laughter for a solid 20 minutes.

Ty Segall: Playing The Hits

Equipped with only a barstool and an iPad stocked with random hits from the ’70s and ’80s, Segall unleashed the levity at a frenetic pace and kept those nearest the stage on their toes.

Segall showed unbridled bravado, despite his iPad screwups and short attention span with his own bizarre playlist.  He started his “performance” with a cover of Thelma Houston’s disco hit “Don’t Leave Me This Way,” whipping the crowd into a disco frenzy.  But after a couple of minutes of that insanity, he got bored and switched it up.

Channelling his best Jim Morrison, Segall, launched into “Back Door Man,” which he dedicated to his wife, Denee, who was apparently off-stage watching.

“This one’s for my wife,” he said, looking in the wings for her, “And you know who you are!”

During the crazy 20-minute set, Segall ran around the stage, taunting fans in the audience, pleading for their hands, reaching out to pat them on the head and handing over his mic stand to willing audience members.

He showed shy fans his white-sock-covered leg, handed the microphone to the bold ones, and even grabbed a photographer’s cell phone, shoved it in his mouth and ran around on stage.

Note: The video stops when phone goes into Ty’s mouth

The wild performance woke up the packed Teragram house, which would see many great bands perform cover songs during the 6-hour-long night.

Headliner Waterhouse went on at midnight and performed his upbeat set of three songs including his own hit “Straight Love Affair,” accompanied by a condensed version of his big band. Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino did a great cover of Sheryl Crowe’s “If It Makes You Happy,” that was a triumph as she warned ahead of time she might not hit the high notes.


And while comedian Neil Hamburger whose nerdy, uptight schtick grew on the audience, even he had to tip his hat to Segall.