LA Rock Lottery Draws Mike Watt, Mikal Cronin to Echo

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California Rockers Play First LA Rock Lottery


Mike Watt, Mikal Cronin, Petty Schemel and 22 other top musicians are giving their time to perform Saturday night at the first annual LA Rock Lottery. Pitchfork Mikal Cronin

The show will be at 8 p.m., but it’s the days events that will make or break this exercise.

LA Rock Lottery operates much like the battle of the bands in that teams are drawn in groups of five. They teams have all day to create a new band and new music.  With most amateurs it’s a fun time. But with professional musicians of this caliber, well, the public may get some hot new bands out of LA Rock Lottery.

Andrew of Moon Honey to play LA Rock Lottery - Photo © 2018 Donna Balancia
Andrew Martin of Moon Honey – Photo © 2018 Donna Balancia

Musicians meet at 10 a.m. at the event’s venue. These musicians who are volunteering their time, are organized into five groups through a lottery-based chance selection.

The five drummers are the captains. The five separate groups are then assigned designated rehearsal spaces near the venue. The musicians have 12 hours to create a band name and three to five songs (with a one cover-song limit). The five new groups then perform what they’ve created that evening in front of a waiting audience beginning at 10 p.m.

Musicians involved this year are:

Alex Estrada Silver Snakes
Andrew Martin Moon Honey
Brian Kesley Joseph / Maggie Rogers
Charlie Overbey Custom Made Scare / The Broken Arrows / Deadbolt
David Clifford Red Sparowes / Jail Weddings / Pleasure Forever / The VSS
David Pacheco Thee Commons
Evan Weiss Sparks / Junk / Wires On Fire / GIRLS
Jake Courtois Patients / Courtois
Jared Tankel The Budos Band
Joe McGarry Pop Noir
Kelcey Ayer Local Natives / Jaws of Love
Leslie Stephens
Max Bernstein Kesha / Demi Lovato / Krewella / The Actual
Mikal Cronin Mikal Cronin
Mike Watt The Minutemen / fIREHOSE / The Stooges
Patty Schemel Hole / Upset
Roger Brogan Spectrum (UK) / Luna
Ryan Wilson Division Day / The Little Ones

Tiffany Preston Rainbow Arabia

Mikal Cronin to play at LA Rock Lottery - Photo © 2018 Donna Balancia
Mikal Cronin to play at Rock Lottery – Photo © 2018 Donna Balancia

History of The LA Rock Lottery

Instigated in 1997 by Good/Bad Art Collective music coordinator Chris Weber in Denton, TX, the Rock Lottery has become a highly anticipated music event in the North Texas, Seattle, and Brooklyn areas. Weber first brought Rock Lottery to Seattle in 2004, and six years later, Tierney Stout launched Rock Lottery in Brooklyn in 2010.  In its twenty year history the Rock Lottery has featured over 800 individual musicians from some of these area’s most acclaimed acts.

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