Rose Cora Perry and the Truth Untold Return to Rock and Roll with Tour

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Rose Cora Perry is taking on the U.S. rock and roll world. The Canadian singer-songwriter has formed a new band, Rose Cora Perry and the Truth Untold and she’s hitting the road.

Perry’s no stranger to the scene, having played in the Canadian mega-band Anti-Hero, which was  signed to major label.  And while she and her two bandmates are based in London and Toronto Ontario, Canada, they have plans to tour the U.S. and beyond. They’re touring and putting out a new EP.

The Band: Rose Cora Perry and The Truth Untold

Perry took four years to do some thinking and planning how she would make her way back into the rock and roll scene.  Those four years were devoted to writing and hard work. During that time she came up with the album, Onto The Floor, released in November of 2016.

Diverse Influences for Rose Cora Perry

“I took a four year gap because I wanted to rediscover who I wanted to be,” Perry said. “I have had some diverse influences and wanted to write music in the direction of who I was holistically as an artist. But I wanted to venture back into rock territory but wasn’t sure how to get my footing.  Along with the content, you know: Love hate betrayal; you know that the universal language of music talks to the experiences we all live through.”

Perry’s bandmates in Rose Cora Perry and The Truth Untold are supportive and talented, and for that, she says, she’s grateful.

Tyler Randall is the drummer, who co-founced the Truth Untold band 2016, Perry said. She said he responded to an ad she placed looking for musicians.

“We got each other right away,” she said. “Then Amber Gorham, the bassist, is a longtime sound woman, I met her volunteering her time on a charity project, annual event. We volunteered our time to be the featured band and she was hired to do the sound. So we liked her so much we hired her to do our sound, and then I taught her to play bass.”

What does she think of the U.S. music scene?

“Northern Canada has beautiful scenery, but you’ll be playiing to a bunch of beavers there,” she said.  “We don’t have the infrastructure and we don’t have the labels like the U.S. It’s difficult because of geography.  And it’s seasonal. In the winter we’re hibernating. It’s the little things people don’t think of but it all makes a difference in terms of how our music scene is structured.”

Plans for the future are pretty lofty.

“In 2018, we’ll tour and we’re going to focus on the festival season,” Perry said.  “We want to focus on the states and we feel it may be the right marketplace for us.”