Mike Spent Drops Dark Video for Memorable Single ‘Sun Goes Gray’

Mike Spent drops Sun Goes Gray - Photo courtesy of Mike Spent
Mike Spent drops Sun Goes Gray - Photo courtesy of Mike Spent

DoGs Band, Richard Duguay and DNile Assist


Mike Spent has teamed with Loren Molinare, Tony Mateucci, Richard Duguay and DNile on a new video for the single “Sun Goes Gray.”

The video for “Sun Goes Gray” portrays a gritty cross-border scenario in which the world takes on a dark meaning. It’s an intimite portrayal of loss of love and the will to go on, a feeling most have experienced at one time or another. The song is catchy and the video is a creative piece if not a little dark and could be considered *not suitable for watching in a work environment.*

Spent, who has more than 30 years of songwriting, recording and live performance experience, is known for his band the Spent Idols.

Mike Spent as SoCal Local

San Diego-born Spent started his first band, Spent Idol, in 1978. By the 1990s he had secured a place in the independent music scene.

In 2016, Spent hooked up with Molinare, the guitar player for the DoGs of Detroit; Michael DeBarres of Little Caesar; Richard Duguay, best known for his band Personality Crisis; Tony Matteucci of the DoGs on drums and back up vocals; and DNile, former Spent Idols and Dead Blonde Girlfriend bass player.

Richard Duguay of Personality Crisis helps out on 'Sun Goes Gray' - Photo © Donna Balancia
Richard Duguay of Personality Crisis helps out on ‘Sun Goes Gray’ – Photo © Donna Balancia

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Together they wrote and recorded the two-song CD single, Mike Spent Black Belt, featuring two songs, “I Am A Lion” and “Sun Goes Gray.”

“I Am A Lion” is a sing-along anthem written by Duguay, Spent, DNile and Jay Kipling that reflects on the 1970s London early punk scene.

Loren Molinare co-wrote on Sun Goes Gray by Mike Spent
Loren Molinare produces and supports local artists, pictured second from right in the band Gilt Lily – Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

Teamwork on ‘Sun Goes Gray’

“Sun Goes Gray” was based on a guitar riff that Molinare came up with over 35 years ago and entrusted to Spent to develop as a song together. “Sun Goes Gray” was released on SpentCity Unlimited Records.

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Check out “I Am A Lion” here:

His songs can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and most other leading digital outlets. Check out Facebook and Band Camp.

For booking or more info, email Mike at spentcity@gmail.com or call him at (760) 213-7648.