Jello Biafra, Terry Reid To Play Simon Stokes Tribute at TAIX

Simon Stokes Tribute at TAIX


Jello Biafra, Terry Reid and The Black Whip Thrill Band will rock a Special Tribute to Simon Stokes on Thursday night. The event will be held at TAIX Restaurant in Echo Park.

Stokes was a prolific writer and performer who was a figure in the Los Angeles rock scene in the 1960s and 1970s. The cover of his 1973 album, Simon Stokes and the Black Whip was banned in the United States.

After dropping out of the scene for about 20 years, he dropped back in with Timothy Leary and the two released the album Right To Fly. The Bellrays and Wayne Kramer performed on his 2002 country style album, Honky.

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