Ken Stringfellow, Mercury Rev, Play California as ‘Supergroup’ Tears of Silver


Ken Stringfellow and members of Mercury Rev have been on the road as Tears of Silver and the group will play San Diego on Saturday, Pasadena on Sunday and San Francisco on Monday in secret locations.

Tears of Silver is comprised of The Posies’ Ken Stringfellow, Mercury Rev’s Jonathan Donahue and Grasshopper, and Midlake’s Jesse Chandler.

Tears of Silver
Tears of Silver at secret locations – Photo courtesy of the band

An evening with Tears of Silver is a chance to enjoy the modern classics from each musician’s history as well as checking out some new music they’ve created for the occasion. For the tour, they cut an EP, with covers of Big Star’s “Nighttime” and “Down on My Knees” by Bread.

The shows will be held in handpicked alternative spaces selected by the group. The locations will be kept secret and the actual venues will be announced to the ticketholders 48 hours before the show. This concept was developed by Ken on his tour with the Posies’ latest release, which found the band popping up in churches, motor garages, mansions, caves and more.


This is the first time Mercury Rev’s music has been performed in many parts of America in almost 10 years. The location of the performance venues will be emailed to ticket holders the day before the all ages show. For tickets check out the band’s website or the Eventbrite link 

The tour wraps in Pittsburgh on Oct. 8.

Tour dates:

Tues., Sept. 12  BALTIMORE, MD

Wed., Sept. 13  RICHMOND, VA

Thurs., Sept. 14  RALEIGH, NC

Fri., Sept. 15  CHARLOTTE, NC

Sat., Sept. 16  ATLANTA, GA

Sun., Sept. 17  NEW ORLEANS, LA

Mon., Sept. 18  AUSTIN , TX

Tues., Sept. 19  DALLAS, TX

Thurs., Sept. 21  ALBUQUERQUE, NM

Fri., Sept. 22  PHOENIX, NM

Sat., Sept. 23  SAN DIEGO, CA

Sun., Sept.  24  PASADENA, CA

Mon., Sept.  25 SAN FRANCISCO, CA

Wed., Sept. 27  PORTLAND, OR

Thurs., Sept. 28  SEATTLE, WA

Fri., Sept. 29  BOISE, ID

Sat., Sept 30  SALT LAKE CITY, UT

Sun., Oct. 1  DENVER, CO

Mon., Oct. 2  OMAHA, NE

Tues., Oct. 3  MINNEAPOLIS, MN

Wed., Oct. 4  MILWAUKEE, WI

Thurs., Oct. 5  CHICAGO, IL

Fri., Oct. 6  ST.  LOUIS, MO

Sat., Oct. 7  CLEVELAND, OH

Sun., Oct. 8  PITTSBURGH, PA