JST DAVID Wins Louisiana Film Fest Scholarship, Performs at Peppermint Club


Singer-songwriter David Jones II, known by his stage name JST DAVID, has been awarded the inaugural Dan Ireland Memorial Scholarship by the Louisiana International Film Festival and the Dan Ireland Legacy Committee.

JST DAVID will perform at The Peppermint Club on Saturday night. The purpose of the scholarship is to cover costs associated with a live performance that benefits the musician-recipient.

Dan Ireland resided in Los Angeles and was a revered mentor to a countless number of acclaimed actors, directors, music composers, producers and writers serving as Artistic Director of LIFF since its inception in 2012 until his untimely death in 2016.


In celebration of his legacy, the Louisiana International Film Festival and Mentorship Program along with generous patrons, created the scholarship, which commemorates Ireland’s dedication to new talent, storytellers and visionaries.

Louisiana artists and filmmakers are eligible for consideration, and funds from the scholarship are dedicated towards an event, showcase or internship in Los Angeles on the recipient’s behalf.

JST DAVID has been involved with LIFF and the Mentorship Program for several years, performing at LIFF’s annual film festival in Baton Rouge in 2016 and 2017. His debut album Day One is slated for release in October. The album was co-written and produced by Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum producer Preston Glass.

JST DAVID will use the scholarship towards the private, live listening event for the album hosted by LIFF at the Peppermint Club in Hollywood on Saturday at 6 p.m. Doors will open at 5 p.m.

Former president of Universal and 20th Century Records, Russ Regan is expected to be on hand. Regan is said to be one of two individuals in the music industry to ever sell over one billion records as an executive. He has been credited with breaking artists such as The Beach Boys, Elton John, Neil Diamond, Barry White, and others. He is also a prolific music supervisor working on a range of film and TV productions. Regan serves as executive consultant to JST DAVID, alongside executive producer and personal manager, Michael Winchester.

For sponsorship opportunities for brands and businesses for the September event in Hollywood, call Peggy McDonald at 310-709-2851 or email peggy@lifilmfest.org.

For tickets go to the event page here.