Lifehouse and Switchfoot Look Back for Summer With Hit-Filled Show at the Greek


Slotted between Hurricane Harvey, which had just torn through Texas, and the eve of when Hurricane Irma was about to hit Florida, Lifehouse and Switchfoot shared a bill at the Greek Theatre as part of their Looking for Summer tour. The audience came for healing, more than merely to party, on this Saturday night. Even though Switchfoot vocalist Jon Foreman uncovered a disco ball and let loose a bubble stream upon the audience near show’s end, this was no party, no disco and no fooling around.

Video courtesy of Aaron Cheng

Lifehouse headlined the show with a hit-filled set of songs, mainly built around vocalist Jason Wade’s distinctively rough-edged lead vocals. The four-piece’s set hit its peak at the midpoint right when bassist Bryce Soderberg led the group through a credible cover of U2’s “Pride (In the Name of Love).” This was followed by the lovely, lilting “Flight,” which featured Foreman as a guest vocalist. This highpoint trinity culminated with Wade performing an acoustic version of “Broken.”

Switchfoot joined Lifehouse on Looking for Summer Tour – Photo courtesy of Colton Brown


Switchfoot –- which, unbelievably, was performing for the first time at The Greek — opened its set with the appropriately placed “Hello Hurricane,” which served notice that no natural disaster can ever completely break the human spirit. In light of current events, songs like “If the House Burns Down Tonight,” which speaks of how inherent human value is far greater than anything materialistic, took on added meaning this time out. Like Lifehouse, Switchfoot is also a deeply spiritual band, and songs like “Stars” and “Your Love is a Song,” revealed Foreman’s sincere faith.

Brynn Elliott opened the evening with a short set of songs from a sternly independent woman. “If you don’t like girls that are smarter than me,” Elliott served warning with “Might Not Like Me,” “then you might not like me.” Insecure guys need not apply.

These may be troubled times, but troubled times appear a whole lot less insurmountable when one is soothed by the faith, hope and love exuded through Switchfoot and Lifehouse music.

Video courtesy of AquariaNymph