Mike Patton Debuts as Frontman with Dave Lombardo’s Dead Cross at Observatory for First Show

Mike Patton will be on hand for Festival of Disruption - Photo © Donna Balancia
Mike Patton of Dead Cross - Photo by Donna Balancia

Dead Cross Rips in the OC


Dead Cross featuring Mike Patton performed the first show at the Observatory in Orange County last night to a receptive and enthusiastic, albeit small crowd.

Dead Cross with Patton as the frontman is an interesting concept.  While both Patton and drummer Dave Lombardo of Slayer fame may be popular nationwide, it was a slow-to-warm crowd at the Observatory that gradually built to near-capacity at the venue.

Patton, whose phenomenal voice was put to use as the hardcore frontman, captivated the crowd. His outfit was pretty offbeat as he wore a Hawaiian-style shirt with grey shorts, knee socks and summer shoes. But appearance aside, once the audience heard the music, and saw the effort, the crowd was enthusiastic with moshers and fans throwing fists in the air.

Dead Cross
Dead Cross at the Observatory – Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

Enthusiastic but Mixed Reaction

People there had mixed views on the band with some expecting more of a Faith No More type group, but with Lombardo behind the kit it is easy to understand the avant-garde sound.  With Justin Pearson on bass and Michael Crain on guitar it all comes together for positive fan reaction.

Dead Cross will be at the El Rey on Aug. 21.

Ho99o9 – Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia


Opening for Dead Cross was the band Ho99o9, which had a sparcer crowd than Dead Cross but ended up converting those unfamiliar with the music, and the band made an impression on the group. It was a close call when there were comments made about the police, but the band recanted and continued to play on.


Neil Hamburger warmed up the room with some crazy music-based jokes. It’s possible this comedian doesn’t take anything for granted and no band or performer is off limits with his sophomoric humor.