Alarma Creates a Combo That Works: Ethnic Beats Blended with Alternative Appeal on ‘World Ignition’

Alarma ‘Ignites’ Northeast LA and Beyond


Alarma has a new album called World Ignition that blends world music and alternative with surprisingly good results.

The core of the band is comprised of Pedro Martinez, Alessandro Morosin, Greg Panos, Eduardo Sandoval.

The Northeast LA-based Alarma has international flavor. They take Latin beats and create original music that is inspiring and upbeat.  They mix calypso, ska, African and middle eastern influences.  The band has performed on Fox 11’s Good Day LA.

Alarma photo courtesy of the band

‘World Ignition’

The album is not dissimilar from the previous release: Alarma has now self-released two full-length albums: Ripe Conditions in 2014 and the recent World Ignition.

On the album are Pedro Martinez on lead vocals, guitars, keyboard; Alessandro Morosin on guitars, backup vocals; Richard Esparza on bass and backup vocals; Eduardo Sandoval on drums and percussion; Rito Fonseca: drums; Ulises Rodriguez on accordion; Guillermo Rodriguez Fiffe (English translation by Pedro Martinez); All other songs by Martinez/Morosin

Mixed and Mastered

The album was mixed and engineered by Jeff Rayl (Live at the Raylz studio, Orange, Calif.); it was produced by Pedro Martinez and Jeff Rayl and mastered by Digiprep Mastering, in Silverlake, Los Angeles.


1) Fire
2) In Your Mind
3) Chaingang
4) Wanna Go Home
5) Turn the Knob
6) Negra Tomasa
7) Paradise
8) Cumbia Step

Check out the video for “Fire” and for more information go to Alarma’s Facebook page.