VIDEO: West London Rockers Calling All Astronauts Debut ‘Living The Dream,’ off Album ‘Anti-Social Network’


West London alt rockers Calling All Astronauts debut “Living The Dream” the fifth and final single from their second album Anti-Social Network.

The single is at the No. 1 spot in the Hype Machine Twitter Music Chart.

Dark Anthem, Strong Chorus

Released via all major download sites on August 25, “Living The Dream” is a dark anthem with a massively uplifting chorus. It talks about how the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and that if people are happy with their life, they should learn to be content rather than striving to be something that aren’t.

Calling All Astronauts Video

The accompanying video marries footage of London at night, photos of the homeless, and some crazy astronaut images, creating a juxtaposition between living the dream and the harsh reality of life for many.

2017 has been yet another fantastic year so far for CAA, their singles “Life As We Know It” and “Divisive” both of which received consider radio play globally, and they have made considerable inroads into the recording of their as yet untitled third album.

For more information on Calling All Astronauts check out their website CALLINGALLASTRONAUTS.COM