VIDEO: ‘American Valhalla’ Gets Front Row Reception; Fans Line Up Around the Block to Meet Josh Homme

Post Pop Depression Draws Raves


Josh Homme, Steve Jones and director Andreas Neumann were on hand for a post-screening Q and A at the LA premiere of American Valhalla, the documentary about the making of Post Pop Depression.

Megan and Tony of Eastside Rehearsal – Photo by Donna Balancia

As the line stretched down Wilshire Boulevard and around the corner, fans queued up ready to be the first in LA to see the much-anticipated documentary.

The film is a great creative work, detailing how the Post Pop Depression album and tour came to be.  Anthony Bourdain interviews Iggy Pop, Homme and the musicians and crew involved.


It’s an insightful work into the collaboration that took last year’s music scene by storm. The film reflected the process of songwriting, life in the California desert and the relationships that brought the project to fruition.

Some Takeaways:

Homme bookends the film with a chat about the effect time has on his life and it’s appealingly detailed with footage of him riding his motorcycle.

Iggy said he tried to not appear “overwhelmed” much of the time.  He said he was moved to do the project because he wanted to try something new and had  been “fighting off attempts of business associates” and went to California from Miami.

Fan Margarito Granados lines up with hundreds at ‘American Valhalla’ – Photo by Donna Balancia
Josh recalled that Iggy sent him a package of documents that would pique his interest in a collaboration. He didn’t get back to him for a while, but it worked out anyway.

Teragram Ballroom was the testing ground and kickoff for the tour and in the film it was made clear Royal Albert Hall was the high point.  Director Neumann flew a drone overhead to capture dramatic footage.

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