Noveller Gives Us a Glimpse into the Future of Music With Elegant and Haunting Show at The Echoplex


Sarah Lipstate, known as Noveller, is one of the finest guitarists out there, taking the instrument from rock and into the ethereal.

Sarah Lipstate, known as Noveller, masters a range of guitars – Photo by Donna Balancia

A Pink Sunset for No One

The talented, film-scoring composer-performer held the audience at the Echoplex entranced with her breathtaking performance over the weekend. She has a new album out, called A Pink Sunset for No One.

Noveller and her extensive rig – Photo by Donna Balancia

Haunting Compositions

Her range is amazing and she makes it sound as if she’s backed by an entire orchestra. Elegant and beautiful, Noveller’s haunting compositions ring true to a welcome audience of fans.

Sarah Lipstate elicits amazing sounds by creating new ways to play – Photo by Donna Balancia

Casting a Spell

Novel sounds coming from Noveller might be expected as Sarah drags a violin bow across a double-neck guitar, works with a range of pedals and boards and casts a spell on the audience.

Noveller’s new album is nothing short of phenomenal, as all of the artist’s compositions sound as if they are the score for big-budget thriller actioners or sci-fi films.

Impressive Credits

Sarah Lipstate has more than 10 years of recording and performing experience. Not only does she play in a solo environment, but she has been a member of both Rhys Chatham’s Guitar Army and Glenn Branca’s 100 Guitar Ensemble. She’s collaborated with Lee Ranaldo, Carla Bozulich and JG Thirlwell. Following 2015’s Fantastic Planet the musician was invited to tour with Iggy Pop across the US and Europe.