Since We Were Kids Rip It Up in Neighborhood Skate Pools and also In Their Punk Music

‘No Regrets’ About Longterm Friendships


Since We Were Kids were formed in 2012 by old friends who are hardcore skaters. They’ve also been playing music together for a pretty long time.

A group of friends who are just doing what they love to do, the name Since We Were Kids couldn’t explain this group any better.

A lively performance by Since We Were Kids – Photo by Alena Lim

‘Aggressive Humor’

Their music is expressed through their aggressive humor mixing it up with intense energy during their live shows. They also have their own skate merch, which they created using their custom shape.

Since We Were Kids also test-rode the boards they sell to make sure the quality is ready and durable before being purchased. One of their best shows was at the skate shop. They enjoy spending their leisure time skateboarding in the back yard pools where they drain the water out.

Since We Were Kids – Photo by Alena Lim

What Came Before

Since We Were Kids released a demo in 2013 called, “The Setlist” after Irish Voodoo Records put out the Skatecore 7″ and a cassette tape which sold out rather quickly. They have two albums available on YouTube if you are interested in listening to their pieces. One album is called Hard Cements, No Regrets which was recorded in February of 2015. Due to the record pressing plants being backed up, the album wasn’t released until 2016.

Their second album Skatecore 7″ and cassette was recorded and released in 2014. They are currently in the process of recording a new song and will be releasing a music video for it.

Since We Were Kids – Photo by Alena Lim

‘Counterfeit,’ ‘New Jack City,’ ‘Poolside’

My personal favorites from the group are “Counterfeit,” “New Jack City,” and “Poolside.”

Since We Were Kids will be performing at the Kennedy’s Pub in Victorville on June 23. and Brook’s Bar in Riverside on July 1.

1. Band Members:





2. Where they’re from: San Bernardino, CA

3. Genre: Punk Rock

4. Location of performance:The Dive Bar – Las Vegas, NV

5. Band’s inspirations:

NOFX/Lagwagon/Rich Kids on LSD/No Use For a Name/Heckle/Ten Foot Pole/Pennywise/Face to Face/Weaksauce/Brainsick

6. Set list of songs:

Restored, Jokes on U.S., iMacs and Itracks, Counterfeit, New Jack City, Poolside, Hard Cement No Regrets, Resident Evil, The Winners Life, Posi Pride, Disposable Bandwagon, Subculture