Metal Rocker Willie Basse to Perform Free Concert Tuesday Night at The Viper Room on The Sunset Strip

Battling Cancer Has Brought Changes, He Says


Willie Basse, who has given a boost to many fellow musicians over the years, will headline a fan appreciation concert at the Viper Room on Tuesday.

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The popular Basse, known as “the cultural ambassador to The Sunset Strip,” says he wants to give back to the people who have been helping all along the way.

Willie Basse at the Whisky in April - Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia
Willie Basse at the Whisky in April – Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

Cancer Diagnosis

Basse was diagnosed with cancer a little more than one year ago and is fighting back brilliantly. A metal rock innovator, he cut more than a few impressive tracks with his band Black Sheep.

“I am a completely new and different human being,” Basse said. “I believe in love, and the disease has been a huge blessing. It demands that I change, connect with God, myself and my spiritual values.”

The Money Grind by Willie Basse – Photo courtesy Willie Basse

Keeping It Real

After a year of prayers, meditation and searching, cancer research, doctors, treatments and many serious lifestyle changes, Basse says he’s coming back. He has been keeping the energy up and getting support from friends and family.

Willie Basse and pal Slash – Photo courtesy Willie Basse

Viper Room Lineup

Basse’s musical lineup Tuesday features Italian virtuoso guitarist, Patrick Abbate, Scott Warren on keyboard, Troy Patrick Farrell on drums and Mitch Perry on guitar.

The bands Stonebreed and Brittney’s Rage will also perform. Doors open at 8 p.m.

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Video courtesy of Patrick Abbate: