Gorillaz To Reissue 2005 Album ‘Demon Dayz’ Through Vinyl Me Please as Record of the Month


Gorillaz will reissue their second album, Demon Dayz, on vinyl through Vinyl Me, Please. The band also revealed four tracks from its upcoming Humanz, which is rumored to drop during the Demon Dayz festival this summer in the U.K.


The trendy clear red double-vinyl reissue has been selected April Record of the Month and is available via subscription.

The two-record album is accompanied by a sticker collection and an art print by Ariel Roman.

The virtual band has made a comeback of sorts over the last year. Gorillaz will put on their first show since 2010 at their very own festival of the same name as their new reissue, Demon Dayz, which will be held this June in the U.K.

Customers can sign up by April 15 to qualify for the Demon Days reissue.

Gorillaz are expected to release a new album at some point this year. They dropped the new song, “Hallelujah Money,” featuring Benjamin Clementine, two months ago.