VIDEO: Iggy Pop Classic, ‘The Idiot’ Celebrates 40th Anniversary, And Here’s How It All Came About


In honor of the 40th anniversary of The Idiot, the famous collaboration between Iggy Pop and David Bowie, here is a video that tells the story of how the album was created. The Idiot was released 40 years ago this March 18.

Along with “Nightclubbing,” also on the track list are “Sister Midnight,” “Funtime,” “Dum Dum Boys,” “Tiny Girls” “Baby,” “Mass Production,” and one of Iggy’s first successful songs, “China Girl.”

Bowie enjoyed Iggy’s iconoclastic approach to music, Iggy recalled.

“Here was somebody very very talented and he wanted other outlets,” Iggy said in the video embedded here.  “There were certain things he was able do with me he chose not to do under his own flag. He wrote the music to ‘Nightclubbing,’ and I got very excited and I insisted I write a lyric to that. It wasn’t at all rock. In that case we used a drum machine and at first he said ‘That doesn’t sound professional enough,’ I said, ‘Yes it does it’s good enough for me. I’m only Iggy f***ing Pop.'”