VIDEO: Kanye West Stops San Jose Show for 25 Minutes: ‘I Would Have Voted On Trump’ He Says

VIDEO courtesy of KMEL


Never one to shy away from controversy, Kanye West drew boos at a San Jose, Calif., concert when he told the crowd he ‘Would have voted for Trump’ … that is, if he had voted.

West, who has announced that in 2020 he would run for president, used up 25 minutes of ticketholders’ time, apparently to prime the pump for his own political career. He went into his speech after a fan threw something at him while he was on stage at the SAP Center.

“You threw something at me,” he asked, singling out the alleged perpetrator. “Does someone else want to throw something at me? I’ve got the power to get that guy kicked out, roughed up, whatever. But stay here. That’s your opinion. Express your opinion,” he said.

Kanye West fele photo by Jason Persse
Kanye West file photo by Jason Persse

“That’s a woman right there saying ‘I love you,’ after I just said there were things that I liked about Trump’s campaign,” he said. “That’s not supposed to happen, right? Case in point they’re saying ‘I want that old Kanye not that new Kanye.’ I guess we’re not gonna sell out the rest of the tour now.”

“Sometimes things you don’t like to happen, need to happen for change to happen,” he told the crowd.

“There are things that Benjamin Carson believes in that I believe in,” he said. “I think that Benjamin Carson should be a consultant. I think HIllary Clinton should still be a consultant, I think Bill Clinton should still be a consultant. I think Obama should still be a consultant. Instead of (I didn’t vote for you for) president so now I’m not gonna give you information that could help you help all of us. … I loved the debates.

“This is already the beginning of change. Sometimes you think things that are bad have to happen in order for change to happen,” he said. “Sometimes you might have to not get your way to really understand what to do in the future to be able to get your way.”