The Suffers To Play Their Brand of ‘Gulf Coast Soul’ at The Echo Saturday Night, Release New Video

suffers artwork by anat ronen

The Suffers: Get Ready for Soulful Rock N Roll


The Suffers, Houston’s answer to Rock N Roll Soul, led by powerhouse front woman Kam Franklin, will hit the stage at The Echo Saturday night.

If you’re a fan of revved up soul music and you haven’t been following the outrageously talented 10-piece Houston band, the show at The Echo provides an opportunity.

The Suffers on Soundcloud
The Suffers on Soundcloud

Kam and her troupe of talented musicians in The Suffers have been making the rounds in the media and at all the top clubs and it’s a rare treat to hear sounds like this. They say their unique retro rock-soul style is “Gulf Coast Soul” and it’s a catchy new moniker for their wildly reinvented genre.

Check out The Suffers on Soundcloud

The Suffers consider themselves to be a combination of soul, rythm and blues, hard rock and a little part romance.  They’ve just released a new video, which they say is their most “intense” yet, called “Midtown.”

While it may have a semi-remorseful tone in that it deals with a post-breakup situation, the sound is deceivingly upbeat and joyful.  So maybe when Kam asks the question, “Do you ever want to go back to you and me?” she most likely knows the answer.

The Suffers are Kam, Pat Kelly, Adam Castaneda, Michael Razo, Kevin Bernier, Jon Durbin, Cory Wilson, Nick Zamora, Jose “Chapy” Luna and Alex Zamora.  Their first full-length album, self-titled, is available at

Tickets are still available for The Suffers at The Echo, go to the Echo website for tickets, here.

Check out The Suffers video “Midtown” here: