The Great 1960s Musician Donovan Celebrates 50th Anniversary of ‘Sunshine Superman’ with Tour

The Rose, Saban, Highlight California Shows

donovan-sunshine-albumBy DONNA BALANCIA

In 1966, Lyndon B. Johnson was president, the Vietnam War was raging, astronaut Buzz Aldrin was tackling the final frontier and campus protests were daily occurrances.

Those are a few reasons why Donovan’s “Sunshine Superman” single was such a hit.

The unique new sound that emerged as a result of psychedelia and anti-establishment peace movements had teens around the U.S. huddled around transistor radios for escape. Donovan was a leader in the mellow, upbeat sound that was making a mark.

‘Sunshine Superman’ Tour

Donovan, 70, presents the “Sunshine Superman Tour” to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his hit single “Sunshine Superman,” when it reached No. 1 on the charts. The album of the same name is considered a classic masterpiece. You can see Donovan at The Rose and The Saban Theatre while he’s wrapping up the West Coast swing on the tour.

The psychedelic style put forth by Donovan, whose real name is Donovan Leitch, was a refreshing break from the daily pummelling the public received from the news of war, social injustice and “the man” in general.

Donovan’s hippie-style music gave listeners pause and conjured up images of the musician smoking banana leaves and morning glory seeds to derive inspiration for the groovy songs.

Donovan’s music helped young people cope with war and riots – Photo courtesy Donovan

But whatever his inspiration, his songs were influential and fun. He was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.

Audiences during the Sunshine Superman tour will be treated to Donovan’s history of hits, including “Mellow Yellow,” “The Hurdy Gurdy Man,” “Jenifer Juniper” as well as his legendary storytelling and other cult classic songs.

In addition, Sony/Legacy Recordings will present The Essential Donovan, a collection of his hits and other innovative album selections.

Gibson Guitars has created a special Donovan Model J45 Guitar, the guitar on which Donovan composed, recorded, and performed all his 1960s work.

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DONOVAN initial SUNSHINE SUPERMAN TOUR dates are as follows below, with more U.S. dates to be added.

August 30: The Guild Hall (East Hampton, NY)

September 4: Sondheim Center (Fairfield, IA)

September 7: Capitol Theatre (Clearwater, FL)

September 8: Parker Playhouse (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

September 10: Landmark (Port Washington, NY)

September 11: SOPAC (South Orange, NJ)

September 14: Troy Music Hall (Troy, NY)

September 15: Carnegie Hall (NYC, NY)

September 17: New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall (Boston, MA)

September 20: The Majestic (Dallas, TX)

September 21: Wortham Center’s Cullen Theather (Houston, TX)

September 22: The Tobin Theatre (San Antonio, TX)

September 24: The Paramount (Austin, TX)

September 25:  Boulder Theatre (Boulder, CO)

September 27: The Musical Instrument Museum (Phoenix, AZ)

October 7: The Rose (Pasadena, CA)

October 8: The Saban Theatre (Beverly Hills, CA)

October 12: The Regency Ballroom (San Francisco, CA)

October 13: The Regency Ballroom (San Francisco, CA)

October 15: Neptune (Seattle, WA)

October 16: Neptune (Seattle, WA)

October 21: The Danforth Music Hall (Toronto)