Mark Werts of American Rag Cie Creates Blueprint for Success in His New Book, ‘America’s Simple Solutions’


Mark Werts is a true rock star.

International businessman and CEO and founder of American Rag Cie, Werts has some advice for our country and he lays his theories out in his insightful new book, “America’s Simple Solutions.”

Frankly, it’s a shame Werts isn’t running for president, given his sound musings, but then how many rock stars do you know who want to occupy the highest office in the land?

Friends and colleagues were on hand for a reception to honor Mark Werts' and the launch of America's Simple Solutions - Photo by Donna Balancia
Friends and colleagues were on hand for a reception to honor Mark Werts and the launch of ‘America’s Simple Solutions’ – Photo by Donna Balancia

The creative innovator wrote “America’s Simple Solutions” so that his ideas are out there as a bluepring for those who care — and perhaps as a guide for those who can do something about it all: Healthcare, environment, equal rights, and the economy included.

Werts is an inspiring self-made success story, who skyrocketed to fame as a top businessman and retailer.

His clientele includes celebrities, musicians, movie stars and also regular people the world over.

His insights into human nature, his love of history and his business acumen prepare him well for dispensing “America’s Simple Solutions.” He cuts right to the chase as to where American policies can be improved. Werts has a good outlook and a good grasp on the economy likely attributable to his considerable experience and his prolific background.

He built American Rag Cie from the ground up, the company has its flagship store on La Brea, and it’s lasted through the good times and the lean times. It’s a remarkable story of how Werts built the business, and in his book lies the secret to his success.

Friends and colleagues were on hand at Mark Werts' book launch - Photo by Donna Balancia
Friends and colleagues were on hand at Mark Werts’ book launch – Photo by Donna Balancia

Additionally, Werts gives proof of at least one of his solutions as a result of the horrific LA riots. A most interesting recollection is his personal story of how the riots affected him and his property. The result contributes to his opinion on the Second Amendment.

At a book launch party held right inside his store on La Brea, friends and fans enjoyed an evening of refreshments good conversation and got to browse the American Rag Cie shop, and it was truly a treat to have the founder of one of LA’s most iconic shops on hand.

Cindy and Neville Johnson, who released “America’s Simple Solutions” through their Cool Titles publishing company were also on hand to celebrate, along with Werts’ friends and family.

Werts introduced his beautiful wife, Amanda, who is a fashion designer and also rock star in her own right. They have two young children.¬†Werts’ sons, Mark and Julian, were also on hand, Mark adding that his father wanted to put his thoughts on record as a blueprint for tomorrow.

The book is a must read for anyone who wants change and does not necessarily favor the political system which has left us in the state that we’re in right now. Trump is not the answer Hillary is a compromise, so if Werts were running, he would get our vote.

After all, who says a rock star can’t be president?