Review: Insubordia Pt II is a Great Follow Up to Lost Poets Previous Album

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 11.09.04 AMBy ABE NOORZAY

After great success with their first album, Insubordia, The Lost Poets are back with another hit album that all metalheads can headbang to.

Insubordia Pt II has plenty of material that could become classics. David Rosengren’s guitarwork is nothing below amazing and carries this remarkable rasp in his voice that is reminiscent of the great Eddie Vedder. Petter Stromberg’s basslines and drum work can be compared to some of the greats, including Danny Carey. The Lost Poets opened for Carey’s project band Volto at The Viper Room just weeks after moving to Los Angeles.

The band does an amazing job of combining a bluesy acoustic sound with the grungy, overly­distorted electric guitars we all know and love. Throughout the album, you notice that there was a lot of thought that went into the track order. The tempo of the record changes when change is due and every song will make you feel something. The guitar riffs that Rosengren gives us are simple and catchy and his solos are nothing short of remarkable­ the type of music that will make you either sit back in your chair and say

Aside from the release of Insubordia Pt. II, the Poets also released a music video for the hit single, ‘Danny Electro.’ The song itself is an absolute headbanger, but the video could’ve been better. First off, I probably could make a higher quality film on an iPhone. Second, I didn’t get it. The whole robot thing kind of freaked me out to be honest. I liked the idea of the tuxes and top hats with their silhouettes, but the video was just poorly shot and just made it look a bit cheesy.

The heavy metal duo hails from Stockholm, Sweden but has since relocated to Los Angeles, CA to pursue their careers in music. There hasn’t been any information on a tour coming anytime soon but we can only hope. They bring back the vibe of all the 90’s rock greats like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and even Alice in Chains. If you are nostalgic at all for one of the greatest sounds in music history, these guys will give you that and more.