Space Hurricane: Band’s Meeting Through Want Ads Gets Good Response

Space Hurricane - Photo © 2015 Mariel Calloway
Space Hurricane – Photo © 2015 Mariel Calloway

Space Hurricane to Play The Down and Out Bar Tonight

By MARIEL CALLOWAY – The members of Space Hurricane may have found each other on Craigslist, but it’s the audience that gets the good deal.

The band is comprised of Moan Red on vocals and guitar; Sweet Licks on guitar and back up vocals, Rory on bass and H-Bomb on drums.

The members of Space Hurricane found each other through a Craigslist ad, and it shows that sometimes random meetings can produce excellent results.

In spite of this unusual way the bandmates initially assembled, they mesh together very well—all four members are deeply committed to the creating the band’s dark and driving sound, a blend of southern blues and classic rock reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and The Who.

Space Hurricane has a few upcoming Los Angeles gigs, including at The Down and Out bar in downtown L.A., but the band isn’t on tour at the moment.  The guys are working on an album and going by the sound we heard, this is an anticipated release.

Space Hurricane can say it is among the last bands to have played the famous House Of Blues Sunset Strip prior to the club’s shuttering Aug. 3, but that will not be this band’s sole legacy. The setlist at the recent HOB show was short but sweet, comprised of a handful of long and soulful original tunes, with the occasional cover thrown in for good measure.

Justin “Sweet Licks” said: “When we play covers, we try to put our own twist on it, and not follow the original song structures.  We more or less try to lure people in with cool, intriguing dynamics at first, then hit ’em with the original lyrics and make them try to figure out what song where actually playing.”

Space Hurricane - Photo © 2015 Mariel Calloway
Space Hurricane – Photo © 2015 Mariel Calloway

That tactic worked, as evidenced by the fact that we didn’t realize Space Hurricane was  playing “Tainted Love” until they hit the chorus.

Here’s the rest of the set list from their recent night:

– Eliza

– Whipping Post (cover by the Allman Brothers)

– Military Family

– Tainted Love (cover by Soft Cell)

– Oceanic

– Ohio Hippie

Overall, Space Hurricane puts on an enjoyable show and we’ll be seeing a lot of these talented musicians around Los Angeles and wherever their space takes them.