Jack White Signs Off Coachella 2015 With Props For Punks as Festival Wraps

Jack White at Coachella 2015 - Photo courtesy of Jack White
Jack White at Coachella 2015 - Photo courtesy of Jack White


… And as we bid a fond farewell to Coachella 2015, the sun also set on Jack White’s last electric performance for what was expected to be “a long while,” White told his audience.

Weekend 2 of the 15-year-old festival in Indio was marked with some colorful performances, but White stole the show for several reasons.

Not only was it expected to be White’s last electric performance, but the Detroit-born success story put across an unexpected and special message to music fans: To respect up-and-coming musicians.

White will quit touring after he plays in the five U.S. states he hasn’t played before. The dates and actual locations are yet to be announced and the shows will be acoustic. The tickets are expected to cost only $3 and will go on sale the day of the show. For more information check his website.

Jack White's "final electric performance" Coachella 2015
Jack White’s “final electric performance” Coachella 2015 – Photo courtesy of Jack White

While White has played in many types of musical configurations, it will be his first entirely acoustic tour.  He will finish up the Lazzaretto tour with fellow musicians Fats Kaplin, Dominic Davis and Lillie Mae Rische.

But back at his Coachella show, White bade a fond farewell with a speech of note during his finale “Seven Nation Army.”

“Listen, this is the last electric show I’m gonna play for a long while, all right?” he shouted to the crowd.

“I want you to do me a favor,” he said. “Do everything you can to go tell the people you know, and the children that you have one day, that music is sacred.”

“Music is sacred,” he said. “They’ll say, ‘What?’ and you’ll say ‘Music is sacred.'”

After getting the crowd to echo his words, he continued:

“This is your world right now,” he said. “Digital, analog, however you consume music… Let it move your balls and move your brain.

“I want everybody in this audience to spread the word: Treat musicians with as much respect as you treat actors, directors and film studios,” he said. “Treat your local punk bands as well as you treat the new blockbuster movie. Do you hear me now?”

For more information on the Jack White’s tour go to his website.