Fender Plays on Without President Bob Roback

Stratocaster celebrates 60th

EXCLUSIVE: Fender plays on without President Bob Roback

By Donna Balancia

California Rocker has learned President Bob Roback is no longer with Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

When California Rocker reached to do a story on his 1-year anniversary, it was discovered Roback was not able to be reached at the offices of Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

As of yet no successor has been named.

The company announced Roback was named President of Fender Musical Instruments Corp. last April.  He is also on the board of directors of the privately held company.

Mainly known as co-founder of Dashbox and former Head of Music for Yahoo!, Roback has been an entrepreneur and executive in the music business since 1991.  Roback was not immediately available for comment, we sent a message.

The Stratocaster by Fender is a staple of the music industry.

Bob Roback Appointed President of Fender Musical Instruments Corp.